well well, what do we have here?

Here’s a story from our adventures in house renovations that has a lesson: don’t get too attached to unexpected finds, especially when bull dozers are around.

The day we found the well, it was late fall and it was 12 degrees out.
C had decided (like every year) that it was the “winter of the beard” and was trying to make best of the cold by shaping his ‘stash for the camera. I did my best to pretend to like the look.

We had decided to lay conduit from the pole in the back corner of the yard to the house for the new underground data and electrical service. This involved digging a massive trench through the yard to the house as well as to the garage:

It was amazing to see all of the roots from the large maple at the far side of the yard.

During the dig, C discovered the old property well with a hand-carved cap. The walls were formed of hand-rounded rock:

We saved the stone cap in hopes of using it as a firepit this summer; however, during the last dig, our contractor miscalculated and shattered it into pieces. C and I tried very hard not to cry.

Our contractor has promised to make this mistake up to us, but I’m still waiting for him to locate another hidden well at some other house so he can steal the cap stone for us and surprise us by leaving it in our yard in May. Fingers crossed.

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    Aw rats! That sucks!

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