tiny boot-ies

I haven’t been writing much on here lately. Just sharing things that sparkle and make me smile. I think things shifted for me a few weeks ago because I’ve been struggling with my health so much. Turns out that we don’t really have a diagnosis anymore. The fibroid tumors I have are too small to be causing the intense pain I’m having, which, in many ways, is wonderful news: it means no surgery! I’m relieved by that. But it also leaves me at square one with my stomach pain. We are still awaiting some tests that will hopefully come in this week.

Until then, I’m heating pad central and taking a lot of naps and back on the detox, only minus all nuts, seeds, and other potentially hard to digest fruits and vegetables. I bake a lot of apples, without the skin, which is surprisingly good. I hope it helps. I’d rather not be stuck on drugs for the indefinite future, although I think I could probably set the world record for most hours slept in a 24 hour period. Multiple times a week.

I’m working on editing all my personal holiday pictures to post here this week. Until then, a small gift, knit for a special baby girl to be born in February, in red with tiny vintage buttons: perfectly in time for Valentines Day.

May your Sunday be cozy and bright. xo.

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