the goal.

the goal is to put everything that is currently in the garage and in the basement into this storage unit:

everything includes: the 20 or so bins of winter clothes, boots & jackets, books, kitchen stuff that doesn’t fit in the current apartment kitchen, holiday decorations, vintage fabrics, all of C’s tools, house renovation equipment, motorcycles, the lawn mower and yard stuffs like wheel barrels & shovels, etc etc etc.

the purpose: to finish the floors downstairs and put a new roof on the garage before snow starts falling. (yes, that’s a tarp on the roof. we’re harvesting our very own mosquito farm. i have about 13 bites right now to prove it.)

tonight, we spent 6 hours doing about a 1/4 of what is in the basement. the “new” pick-up truck is full of bins ready to hit the goodwill in the a.m. as i write this, 4 kids on bikes are going through the mass of stuff we put on the curb. if you’re looking to shop our selection of books, records, a random collection of flower vases, vintage ties and/or if you’re in the market for an painting easel, stop on by. the truck is in the driveway, but feel free to dig. be warned, there are no outside lights back there. our neighbor alex grilled us fish and veggies and came away with a stack of Dwell magazines and the Banana Republic suit C wore for our wedding, which i’m pretty certain has not seen the light of day since july 30, 2004.

i’m hoping to wake up and the entire truck bed will be empty. unlikely, since i get up early, but i’d love it all to disappear.

i knew watching late-night episodes of Hoarders would pay off.

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