seamless sink

We have a “kitchen” sink. We found it at our local house rehab store yesterday and C had it cleaned and installed in less than two hours. My man is magic.

It’s not a perfect fit, but it’s pretty darn close. C spent a few days searching around the city for some kind of counter top that would fit the storage unit without costing ridiculous amounts of cash we had no interest in investing into our temporary kitchen. Then we happened upon this seamless baby and $120 later, we have a sink. I just spent two hours cutting up all of my farmers’ market produce for a weeks-worth of cooking and I didn’t have to wash everything 8 feet from the toilet. I’m sure that some day, when we look back at this experience, we’ll say: “Remember when we had to wash all of our food and dishes in the bathroom sink? Those were good times…”

Then again, maybe we won’t.

Also picked up this beauty for $5:

C and I have been holding ourselves back on the purchasing of massive amounts of old wooden shipping boxes. I’m pretty certain that at some point, we will no longer talk each other out of these purchases. There’s a antique shop near my parents in the Finger Lakes that specializes in old wooden boxes, and it’s o-so tempting to stop there every time we visit. I’ve been holding myself back for three years in an attempt to not fill the half-renovated house with these, but now that the upstairs is done, look out.

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