renovation update

it’s been a bit since my last post on our house renovations, so here are some pictures of C’s latest adventures:

C installed the radiant heat in the back half of the downstairs and laid down a temporary floor. This (above) is the view from the front corner of the house, which was our bedroom for 3 years. Then, he ripped out all the flooring in the front room and hallway with a massive crowbar. All the cement under the floor landed on all our storage, which I’m sure I did not seal up in preparation for the cement storm…

C discovered that the floor joists were pretty much rotted through, reiterating that yes: we own a very very old house.

*piece of rotten floor joist:

after the floor came out, C and Rob (our one-man go-to guy for all things clean-up crew) moved everything in the basement to the far end under the new flooring, and cleaned out the basement in the front of the house. we now have a new pit, a.k.a., the old bedroom:

above is the view from the front door of the house, directly to your left as soon as you step inside. below is the view from the opposite end, where you can see the front door and where our fridge is hanging out on what’s left of the ledge that runs next to the stairs:

it’s hard to believe from the pictures, but i’m beginning to imagine the layout of the downstairs and i’m super excited!!!

stay tuned for next steps…

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  1. sis
    Posted March 21, 2011 at 9:06 pm | Permalink

    my goodness. he did everything but rebuild the outside frame of this house! :) hope your up for visitors soon….we want to come out!

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