projects are a’brewing…

so many dyi projects brewing around here, i can hardly keep up with myself. had major plans to start on a few today until the contractors showed up at 10 to install the shower glass in the new bathroom and i realized that i’m one of those people who doesn’t feel herself when there are two strangers/dudes wandering up and down my stairs, through and around my house. i tried to talk myself into ignoring them, but that lasted all of 10 minutes before i left to hang out and drink chai downtown instead of in my studio.

i had some thrilling news at 4:30 today at my 4-week check-up: the dr scoped out my new xrays and told me that he was surprised at how fast i’m recovering, that the breaks look great, that i have full range of motion, and that all of wrist/forearm/elbow pain i’m experiencing is related to moving all the muscles, tendons (etc) that haven’t seen much use in the last 4 weeks. i have to “take it slow” for three more weeks before i need to start weight training to gain back muscle mass. however, i can start driving, running, and biking immediately. i was beaming at him by the time he was done talking and giddy the entire ride home. (eeek!)

So, there are big plans in store for the rest of the week/holiday weekend:

*I just started cutting out fabric to make these roller blinds (in white) for the upstairs bathroom so we no longer have to see my neighbor doing his business.

*admire all the beautiful flag stone sitting in our driveway, awaiting patio construction

*scope out the fabric stash in the basement and see if i have any linen to sew this perfect beach hat

*meet with vicki (who has a sweet new website up, designed by my gal) to talk plants for the front yard and talk C and friends into helping me plant them this weekend

*buy a bike helmet so i can ride my bike july 5th, my 31st birthday. that would be the best bday present to myself this year: one perfectly long breezy bike ride. (with helmet and closed-toe shoes on. of course.)

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  1. By privacy. who needs it? on August 2, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    [...] a bit of an issue in our bathroom. i finally managed to take a stab at round 2 of making the bathroom blinds i messed up on two weeks ago. smart me measured the window wrong and spent $20 having blinds cut [...]

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