privacy. who needs it?

we’ve been living upstairs for two months and i have yet to make any usable blinds for the windows. this has become a bit of an issue in our bathroom. i finally managed to take a stab at round 2 of making the bathroom blinds i messed up on two weeks ago. smart me measured the window wrong and spent $20 having blinds cut too small to fit our window frames. so the other day, i spent another $20 on two new blinds, as well as $7 on more fabric. in the spirit of efficiency, i cut corners and didn’t hem the sides. i used some thick white blackout material from the home-dec section at JoAnns, which is easy to cut straight and doesn’t require dusting off the industrial sewing machine. now we can shower and use the toilet without having to worry that our neighbors have caught a glimpse of anything. they, on the other hand, have still not bothered to make their own window shades or even use the ever-so-easy curtain stand-in we’ve used for the last month: a large piece of cardboard propped up against the window that falls over every time there’s a slight breeze and i happen to be mid-shower. i’m tempted to bring our very-used piece of no-longer-necessary cardboard over and ask them to kindly place it in front of their bathroom window, but i’m guessing from what i’ve seen in the last two months, they aren’t too concerned about privacy.

in other news, i’m no longer fighting with the bathroom door and we finally have shower glass. lots and lots of shower glass. i’m certain i’ve never seen shower glass this tall. we also have a working sink, which sits atop at dresser we haven’t bothered to get handles for yet. i guess is should add that to the list.

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    favorite part of your bathroom? no, it’s not the miraculous hovering toilet, but your shower cut-out. shower cut-outs are dope.

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