there’s something about the end of summer that always makes me feel very optimistic.
maybe it’s because i’ve been a teacher for 8 years and a graduate student for 5, and gearing up for the fall semester makes me giddy.
and that i love warm fall days and wearing skirts with tall boots and going apple picking and for long bike rides.
this year is particularly exciting for me because it’s officially my dissertation year: the year i write and defend a book-length study on one of the things i’m most passionate about–gender and science education.  it’s going to be a very very busy fall, academically and creatively for me. the downstairs of the house is beginning to look like a real home (getting painted this weekend!), a new garage is building built in our back yard (pictures coming soon), i’ve been painting and cutting up leather (news on that coming) and the tomatoes are turning red in the garden (nonstop tomato-eating over here). i don’t want summer to end, but i feel ready for the slow changes that comes with fall.

life is good.

*Best City Rochester NY flag by Cecelia Hayes, Optimist cup by Shanna Murray and Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

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