new enemies = new blog?

i consider myself a pretty blunt person: i’m not really shy about my life. when i went through 4 years of digestive issues, i talked about it openly. getting officially diagnosed with celiacs and dairy intolerances this winter didn’t change that. in fact, my friends keep telling me that i should start a new blog and write about my adventures with digestive issues and food intolerances. i’m not afraid to be gross (well, not too gross). i’m not afraid to say what i need, whether it’s to a head chef in a fancy restaurant, or to a friend who having a dinner party. i’m learning honesty is best and most people respect that, even if and when it makes eating with me more difficult.

i’ve been feeling great since i went gluten and dairy-free. i’m heading into month 5. i’m seeing changes in my body i never expected to. i’m rarely sick. i haven’t had a single cold. i’m fascinated by all of it. i’m also realizing that food intolerances require constant surveillance and decision making. i’ve been ridiculously sick 3 times in 2 weeks: once by accidental contamination; twice by taking risks with food. today is such a day: i ate french fries (problem #1) at a bar (problem #2) while drinking wine (problem #3). i have a difficult relationship with french fries. my limited access to “junk food” makes french fries my one and only guilty pleasure. i keep holding on and going back for more, and they keep dishing out the worst. i need to end the relationship. but i give in and go back, over and over again.

this morning, i decided 2 things:
1. french fries are officially on the enemy list. (unless i make them myself)
2. i definitely want to start a new blog on my digestive adventures.

i just need a name. send ideas. soon. i already have 10 posts written in my head.


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  1. sarah
    Posted May 6, 2011 at 4:43 pm | Permalink

    i can not wait for your food blog!!! i will give you all my orginial recpies to post!!!

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