new creative adventure

i’m embarking on a new creative adventure. it involves aspects of these four books. i’m not sure if it will be magical, but the fact that 3 of the book titles contain the word “magic” might mean something…

i’m not going to post about it here or share much of it until i’ve worked on it a few months. i’m excited to try some completely new and challenging things that i’ve been wanting to try for a long time and i think i’m ready to jump in. 2012 is my dissertation year, meaning i have to write my dissertation proposal, collect all of my dissertation data, and write my dissertation. a friend who finished his PhD a few years ago recommended to me the other day that i find a project unrelated to writing my dissertation to focus on a little bit each day before i write/work in order to engage in something i’m passionate about outside of my research study and maintain some different perspectives and processes while i’m in over my head in data analysis and writing. he wrote a screen play with his wife while he was working on his dissertation. i love this idea. so, i’m going to work on something i’ve never tried before and see where it takes me.

i love new creative adventures!

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    i love the idea of a project to do while projecting! i always produce a bizarre amount of knitting & sewn things in the couple weeks leading up to summer camp. it does my brain so much good to do something DIFFERENT!

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