neon pink

i’ve developed a thing for neon pink nail polish. it started a few months ago when i had a pedicure done in hot pink despite the fact that it was the dead of winter and no one but me, C, and maybe a few ladies in the gym locker room would ever see my toes. from there, it’s just sort of spiraled out of control. i wear it all the time–even if it matches nothing i own. today, i had a stranger walk up to me while i was working at a coffee shop and tell me that he saw my nails from across the room and had to scope them out. not sure i want that kind of attention, but i guess that’s what i get for rockin’ neon.

yesterday, it came to my attention that jcrew had caused an uproar over pink nail polish. (generating so many sales, you can no longer get it.) as a researcher that has committed the last 8 years of my life to gender studies, i find all of this completely laughable. as if pink toe nails = years of psychotherapy. *sigh* i won’t bother going on, but for those who know me and my work, laughing at the fox news story is what helps me calm the rage.

in light of all this pink polish talk, i thought i’d go ahead and chat about my own addiction. i haven’t gone overboard buying neon pink nail polish, but it’s entirely possible that will all change soon enough. right now, the only one i own is Sinful Colors 24/7. Fitting name, since i’ve been wearing it 24/7. finding a true-to-color picture online is impossible. e.g. both of these are the color 24/7 but clearly they don’t look the same. it’s more of a matte between the two. so far, it’s my favorite.

i discovered that China Glaze has a whole line of neons. i think i have on Pink Voltage here:

other’s i’m scoping out:
Butter London’s Primrose Hill Picnic (which looks more tropical than neon) and the appropriately named Snog (more hot pink).

Priti NYC’s Bovey Belle Carnation, which looks like a neon pink/purple.

i’ve also taken to esse’s fij (a soft, matte pink) for when i’m feeling less fierce:

also, for those who are trying to avoid headaches, i just found Scotch Naturals: eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, fragrance free and biodegradable. gonna need to check them out at some point. their color line is limited, but they do have a bright pink called Tartan Swizzle.

let me know if you find any other neon pink polishes i’ve missed! you’ll spot me a mile away: just look for the neon.


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