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fun fact: i got my motorcycle license this summer.

before anyone fires off a million comments about my lack of balance and history of horrible bike accident(s), i’d like to promise you all that i have no intention of riding on the streets this summer. getting my license consisted of riding around a large parking lot for two days and getting tested on skills i had not even come close to mastering. therefore, getting my license means little more than this: i can ride around a parking lot on a bike in second (or if there is enough space) third gear, make quick stops, and ride over some 2×4 boards without crashing. none of this really makes me road-ready. in fact, taking the class made me realize two things: 1.) there are people out on the roads driving motorcycles with almost no experience 2.) when i’m driving and there are motorcycles around me, i’m super paranoid they will end up in my blind spot and bad things will happen. if anything, getting my license has made me a more cautious car driver than anything else.

it also made me realize that the helmet i’ve been wearing while riding on the back of C’s bikes is little more than a brain bucket. i tried on full face helmets last weekend and thought: holy. moly. what on earth were we thinking when we bought this piece of crap? said piece of crap: (the helmet. the bike is awesome.)

Biltwell just came out with these full face beauties and I ordered one yesterday:

Can’t wait to get it.
I also can’t decide what bubble shield to get, although i’m leaning towards this gradient blue one because it fades like ombre and matches my first bike.

Yesterday, C coached me while I rode in circles around the church parking lot down the street on my first bike.
The fact that C built it makes it that much more awesome.






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