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i don’t usually ring in the new year on my blog with a list of goals or resolutions. i usually write a letter to the year that passed or a letter to C, because he’s amazing. but 2013 feels like it’s going to be a very big year for me, so i’ve been making mental lists of things i really really want to do this year.

i’m not one to make resolutions and not keep them, or at least, try to keep them. 2012 will go down as the year i did a full pushup for the first time in my life (this is no small feat for those who know me) and completed all of my PhD comprehensive exams. i still can not touch my toes, although i’m about 3 inches away from being able to. (that’s been a new year’s goal going on 3 years now.) i also dyed my hair a brilliant red, something on my 2012 list, although i spent about 5 months trying to cut and condition it back to normal. not sure that will happen again any time soon. i also put out a winter collection, put together a small shop,  and was in second storie for the first time ever after years of sponsoring it. all 2012 goals i met.

here are goals i’m hoping to cross off my list in 2013:

blog at least 4-6x a week here and on lifewithoutbreadandbutter

learn how to take/edit better pictures for my blog/shop using Pixelmator

put out a spring/summer painted leather collection (already started!)

do at least 10 perfect pushups in a row (so far, only have 2)

do a full pullup

learn to ski (never been! buying snow pants this week.)

finish/defend my dissertation proposal by April

finish/defend my dissertation by winter 2013
(i’ll let you know when you can officially refer to me as Dr. Rachel Chaffee)

complain less. a lot less. try not to complain at all.

 here is the 5 second video of my second full push-up ever. not gonna lie: i watch this as motivaton at least once a week. hoping next year i’m posting a 5 second video of my first pull-up ever. and maybe me making it down the bunny slopes without breaking my elbows. again.

happy new year!





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  1. kate
    Posted January 2, 2013 at 2:14 pm | Permalink

    congrats on the pushups and all of your other goals…and you WILL get those pullups!

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