make do and re-make

i’ve been trying to narrow down my wardrobe and get rid of things i rarely wear, even if i still like them. i haven’t even bothered to go through the bin of summer clothes in the pit yet, not because i don’t want to, but because the pit is now the entire length of the house and everything is covered with house renovation dust and dirt. i’m guessing i’ll be handing off a lot of what’s down there to my sister anyway. i like having fewer options–less to think about.

on the top of the make-do goal list: re-making things i like but want to alter. (i.e. posted about leather accents the other day.) whit whit and i are scheming up a list of possibilities and i already have a tutorial drawn up to share with you on how to alter a boring sweatshirt. unfortunately, i wore it the other day and there were some technical mishaps, so i’ll be reworking it before posting the tutorial.

some images that are inspiring me in terms of a re-making things i already own:

*take a skirt you already own, add some fun accents.

*add leather elbow patches to a fitted jacket

*add some texture to the back of a top by inserting an interesting panel

i’m hoping to tackle all three of these in the next few weeks. i’ll be sure to post tutorials for those who want to learn how to re-make their clothes for a new season without spending much. stay tuned!

(image 1, image 2 (help me locate this one!), image 3)

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  1. sarah
    Posted May 25, 2011 at 8:37 pm | Permalink

    gladly take all those clothes your not interested in anymore :)

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