kitchen make-over

this entire bike accident experience has really shown me how lucky i am to be surrounded by so many amazing people. one of those gals is my friend whit, who has been at my house every single day since my accident. that’s two full weeks as of tonight. she’s pretty much awesome and gave me & C a huge gift: she painted our very ugly kitchen for us so we wouldn’t have to this summer and so we could enjoy it before we renovate downstairs.

i have lots of pictures but the elbow pain has been good today so i don’t want to over do it. i’m going to ask her to help me post on the kitchen make-over for the rest of the week. for today, here are a few pictures of the black wall she painted: in the end there was roughly 5-6 coats of magnetic paint, and 5-6 of chalk board paint. now we have a place for spices and to use my very pretty magnets by secret pocket to hang some wall art–a picture by my 4-year old friend Claire about my bike accident titled “oh dear”.

big news this week: second storie vendor applications are up. get at it!

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    there is so much awesome here i can hardly stand it. whit, you rule!

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