i’m going to spend $12 on this.

i saw this printable coloring book on wanelo yesterday and decided that yes, i will spend $12 on a coloring book that is this awesome.

i have a thing for coloring small intricate shapes. i used to have a stash of coloring books i’d bust out when i don’t know what else to do with myself and i needed to zone out, but i gave them all to my friend’s 8 year old daughter last summer. it meant parting with one of my favorites: coloring books that are on tracing paper and look like stained glass windows when you color them with markers and hold them up to the light. love those.

last week, i spent an evening coloring with my 2 and 1/2 year old niece, juliet. i colored in my CareBears with perfect detail while she worked on 3-4 toddler master-pieces at a time. i think she liked how much i stayed in the lines because she started handing me CareBear pages and pointing to what she wanted colored in.

i think i might try something new with this book though: use water color pencils instead of markers. that sounds more fun.
check out this nuttiness:

i’m giddy.

[my other all-time favorite coloring books right here.]

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