happy rider

it’s been almost a full year since my bike accident and, as promised, this year i’m going to sport a bike helmet for the first time ever. yes, i know the dangers and having experienced them first hand last year, i realize i’m the luckiest gal in the city that i only broke my elbows, chipped off two teeth, and suffered a concussion and some minor cuts and bruises last June. but if i get yet another “wear a helmet” comment, email, or text in the next few weeks, i’m gonna scream. i heard ya people: loud and clear. so you all know, i bought this pretty matte grey helmet today:

i wanted matte white, but they were out of stock and i’m too impatient to wait a full week, given the beautiful weather and the fact that i’ve already been on my bike twice this week without a helmet. i say this while watching not one, not two, but four people bike past my patio without helmets on. a majority of people who bike in this city to not wear helmets. (my hubby and most of my friend included.) i agree that it’s a personal choice. when it’s 95 degrees, it’s likely i won’t wear mine if i’m only going a mile. but otherwise, i think i’ll save myself some medical bills and my brain: i’d like to finish my Ph.D. fully intact.

happy biking!

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  1. Joel
    Posted May 9, 2011 at 7:44 pm | Permalink

    sounds like you need a copy of my Bicycle mix cd.

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