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i can’t believe it’s been 3 months since i posted anything about the house renovations! nutty.
here’s the brief update:
*we moved everything from the basement into the storage unit.
*C installed subfloor through the entire downstairs, so we can now walk through the entire house. he is currently building out part of the living room, downstairs bathroom, and kitchen.
*the radiant heat is (almost) completely installed. however, in the process, C discovered our bedroom floor had rotten floor boards. so:
*we moved our bed and my dresser into my studio, where we have been sleeping for about 4 weeks. our “closet” is in the living room and c’s dresser is in the bathroom. it’s been total chaos.
*C ripped out the old floor, put in new joists, subfloor, and hardwoods. we are currently waiting for the sealer to dry so we can move back in. fingers crossed for monday night.

pictures of all that to come. (i finally got a new phone so i can take pics!)
*the patio is “finished” except that we have to keep adding stone dust between all the blue stone as it settles. sadly, the soaking pool is closed till spring.
*being the genius he is, C built us an amazing patio table out of the original flooring and headers from the house.  meaning, the table is made from 1862 wood, which is all kinds of awesome. we’ve been enjoying it for months.

*one of the legs has an open notch in it made with hand-crafted wood pegs. it makes the perfect beer bottle holder for the person sitting on that end:

*the sexy builder, C.

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  1. sarah
    Posted October 26, 2011 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

    what is he is eating? a halloween donut?

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