hand in pocket

(handmade apron made from vintage tablecloth, circa 2009?)

last weekend, i spent an hour looking through all the photos i’ve taken of everything i’ve made in the last 5 years. it was kinda surprising to discover that i’d sewn (and knit) so much while also working full-time on a Ph.D. it made me very reflective about my creative process. for years, i designed, made and sold multiple collections–a majority of which were made out of recycled materials. that was time-consuming: to find all those materials and repurpose them. but it made me very happy–the process of making “new” things out of old things. it was fun.

i’ve been thinking about my current creative projects and what i want them to be. i feel like for the last two years, i’ve had one hand in my pocket creatively: no real inspiration. just a lot of standing and staring at my studio. i still feel that way. one of the things i’m working on (slooooowly) is a tiny collection made from recycled materials. i’m tinkering with paint and leather and felt and random things. i don’t know what will come of it. i might end up with a lot of stuff to sell or a lot of stuff to just give away. unlike the collections i made in the past, i don’t want to make things with an end goal in mind anymore. i don’t like the sense of urgency it creates–the sense that i have to get things done to meet a deadline that doesn’t exist anywhere but in my own head. i want to enjoy the process of making.

the other project is a bit more complex and personal. i’m messing with ideas i’ve never tried before. i’ve decided to give myself a hard deadline for some of these ideas and submit something small to ROCO’s 6×6. i’ve never had anything in an art installation before and it’s a free-for-all, anyone-can-submit show, so why not…i think the process of coming up with something that’s 6×6 inches will be the most interesting part.

6×6 installation video.

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