i love shoe shopping but i hate shopping for flats. i can never ever find anything i like. despite my high heel addiction, i really wanted some flat shoes to walk around my neighborhood in and teach in this spring/summer/fall, but the online search was completely fruitless. but then queen street west in toronto made my weekend and i found these two pairs with my bff tanya, who talked me into buying both of them.

first, i bought these Melissa Campana ballet flats. the store clerk swore by them and even though they are made out of plastic, they are seriously the most comfortable shoes ever. i was worried they would make my feet sweat like the jellies i wore in 5th grade, but so far, that hasn’t happened. i walked all over queen street in them and they were perfect. i’ve since walked all over my  neighborhood in them and still no yucky sticky moments.

the odd part about the is that they come scented: as in the shoes actually smell like flowers or some essential oil. all the time. i only notice it if i’m in the car or hold them up to my nose. maybe they do that to cover any potential smell from wearing plastic shoes. not sure. i kinda like it.

then i found these toms, which i had considered online, but decided against because i wasn’t sure i’d like them.

C and i usually wear the classic style Toms, but mine are completely beat to crap and i’ve started doing yard work in them. these flats are super bright and comfy. i liked them in the non-patterned colors too, but i thought the patterns where more fun for summer.

C likes them both because at 5’9″ i’m usually taller than him all the time unless i’m barefoot. (we’re pretty much the same height.) now we can look each other straight in the eyes and he’s not looking up at me in heels that make me 6’1″.

that said, i have no intention of tossing the heels. ;-)




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