ugh. it’s come to this: i can’t stay on top of things anymore because we live in 3 rooms (until the house is completely renovated), i have no filing system for school or for other things most people file but that i just stack in piles and pretend will magically disappear if i ignore them long enough, and i can’t/won’t take the time to do something about it until may when i’ve submitted (and hopefully passed) my last 2 comprehensive exams and finished presenting at 2 conferences.

the temporary solution has been this: stack all school books in a corner, wedge piles under table, throw all the rest of the school work into a massive ugly green plastic bin (also under the table) and ask the earth for forgiveness for all the paper i have yet to recycle from the first 4 years of my doctoral program.

whit-whit convinced me to pull out the eyesore: an ikea bookcase i bought 5 years ago when my vision for my future studio included unlimited storage space and cheap veneer bookcases were still okay with me. it took whit almost 2 hours to put it together and three of us to get it study enough to stand. it’s damaged from its 4-year stay in the damp basement and you can’t lean on it without the entire thing swaying.

to make matters worse, there’s no where to put the thing except on this wall where it covers my inspiration board and accosts you when you enter the studio from the living room area.

i hate the way it looks. but i think i’ll be happy once everything is organized and has a home, even if it’s only a temporary one. i’m determined the eyesore will not last more than 4 months. at least, not in this location. i don’t have time to reorganize the studio to make it work better until summer. until then, i’d like there to be fewer piles on the floor and more room to sit at that little writing desk and actually write something. wouldn’t that be something…

i’m sure i don’t have the most messy/unorganized office/studio in the city. at least i can still see most of the floor. sorta…

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