elbow wish list

my goal this week is to focus less on my increasing elbow pain & more on things i can do while i heal. C suffered through 2 major melt-downs with me this weekend, & i’d really like to avoid another one. C’s been a champ. i, however, am struggling to ask for the help i need, which feels horribly unnatural to me. i like to do things on my own, but that’s just not possible right now. i keep doing things anyway and simply prolonging the healing process. (like typing this post.)

so! onward. here are a few things i’ve been meaning to do and now, i guess is the best time to get started. hopefully, with the help of a few friends, i can tackle a few this week! and if my wrists hold up, i’ll be able to write about them here.

C and I had planned a trip to Toronto for this past weekend, but the accident changed all that, so until then, I’ll be scoping out Rochester thrift shops and repurpose stores to see if I can locate anything fun.

i want to find a grate for mail:

an old mailbox to turn into a wall vase:

finally order fun tape, an address stamp, and this for my studio:

begin locating materials to make my own bath scrubs:

and locate and buy all materials for the window blinds for the 9 windows in the upstairs because yesterday i walked into the bathroom and looked straight at my neighbor who was looking at me from her bathroom window about 10 feet from mine:

good times.

i’m finding it very hard to not post here despite the fact that typing isn’t helping me heal. i’m going to try to type less and post more pictures and links. or, ask someone to type for me. that might be more fun.

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  1. Posted June 13, 2010 at 9:57 pm | Permalink

    well friend, i’ve def seen grates @ ReHouse. let’s hit that up tomorrow–put it on your mental thrift list! i’ve been wanting an address stamp forever too, so let’s order together! also, u really should consider making those fabric roller shades cuz it’s crazy cheap + easy..i think, and of course i can help with that, too. my goal: to prevent melt-down #3 ;)

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