color change

i’ve been thinking about changing the accent color in my studio. i was always a little hesitant about orange, but i bought this anthro rug and loved it. then i bought this vintage orange light, and loved it.

i like orange. my orange tabby is my favorite.

but it feels a bit jarring. i might paint the light and swap out the rug for a change of color.

in other news, i did something very impulsive last weekend: i adopted a 4-month old kitten from the city pound. more impulsive: i didn’t tell C. i just did it. i’m still trying to figure out why i did it. mustard has been going stir crazy and we’ve discussed getting him a buddy for 2 years now. while now isn’t exactly the perfect time to make this happen, i found this maine coon mix and decided we needed him.

he currently lives in our bathroom for two reasons: we’re trying to slowly acclimate the cats and the kitten has an cold that we’d rather not pass on to mustard. so far, so good. he spends most of the day sleeping on a heating pad or snuggled next to the vaporizer while sneezing and sniffling his way back to health.

in the spirit of naming all of our pets after my favorite condiments, we’ve named him professor pepper. i think it fits.

i also hope he grows up to be really really big. i love maine coons. the bigger, the better.

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  1. Dad
    Posted March 3, 2011 at 10:40 pm | Permalink

    we use to have an orange kitchen, back in the ’70′s

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