clearing out

i’m very determined to narrow my wardrobe down so that my clothes fit into the small closet i share with C and my one 5-drawer dresser. last week, i dug out my summer clothes from the pit, pulled everything out of my dresser and closet, and had C thumbs up or thumbs down pretty much every piece of clothing i own. all that’s left in storage: winter coats, winter boots, winter/fall sweaters, tops and skirts. (which were also narrowed down considerably!) my closet now contains: some summer skirts and dresses for everyday and my favorite summer skirts and dresses for school, 3 sweat shirts, 4 jackets, 1 summer blazer, and 4 button-ups. all of my spring/summer/early fall clothes (including shorts, jeans, pants, tops, some light sweaters & gym clothes) fit in my dresser and all the drawers close. relief!

here is what i’m passing on:
tank tops: 10
tube tops/halter tops: 2
tshirts: 11
short sleeve dress tops: 6
long sleeve shirts: 8
button-ups: 4
skirts: 15
dresses: 9
shorts: 5
jackets: 2
shoes: heels (2), sandals (2), boots (2)

that’s 78 items. what. on. earth?!

all of this will soon be delivered to my sister, who sorts through it all, takes what she wants, and passes the rest on to her girlfriends. it’s like i’m a personal thrift store. as much as this benefits my sister, it’s very wasteful: i should never own this many things in the first place because 1. i have no room for them 2. i could never wear them all if i tried 3. i clearly don’t need them and 4. i can’t believe it’s 78 items. i feel ridiculous.

i will say, in my very tiny defense, that a majority of the tshirts are too small/short and a lot of my skirts are much to short for my 5’9″ almost 32-year old frame. i have nothing against short skirts, but super short summer skirts are no longer my thing. hopefully, my sister will find some size 4 and 6 gals who are still rockin’ the jean skirt mini’s and are shorter than i am!

so, this is my long-way of saying that i hope you’ll take my 1 small closet & 1 (closed drawer!) dresser challenge and toss what you don’t need, want, or wear much anyway. i’m pretty certain i have more to part with. my new stance is this: whatever i’ve kept, i have to wear consistently over the next 4 months. if i don’t, it goes in the donate pile. i tried this out saturday morning: i threw on a top i wasn’t sure about and wore it to the public market and while i was biking around the city. by noon i had decided i didn’t like it enough to keep it, so i added it to my give-away pile. easy-peasy. the hard part is not consuming more: i think the trick to consuming less is to stick to a list of things you need. currently, my “need” list includes $ for: getting my front teeth permanently fixed, landscaping the rest of the front and back yard, a new motorcycle helmet, bras, and new brake pads for my bike. my “wants” list includes: yarn for fall knitting and a juicer. Seriously can’t think of anything else. There are no clothes on my list, although I would like some longer skirts; however, i don’t need them or really feel i want them enough to spend time looking for them when i could be reading, sewing, biking, and working on my final comprehensive exam. shopping is fun, but i’d rather be biking.

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  1. sarah
    Posted June 2, 2011 at 8:15 pm | Permalink

    Anxiously waiting. So our my friends for the left overs after i have sorted through the goods. ;)

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