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Sunday, Peppermint Apparel had its first trunk show at Thread. I did my best to take a lot of pictures, but the lighting was super dim, so very few of them are worth sharing. I did convince the lovely Courtney and Carla to step outside and model some Peppermint dresses: Peppermint Apparel is a clothing [...]
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The Greenists

My friend Allie and I were interviewed for Rochester’s Channel 8 Go Green segment on Thursday. Allie started the environmental blog, The Greentist, and invited me to write posts on eco-friendly fashion. Here’s the link. Last I checked, the video wasn’t loading any more…not sure why. Still fun though!
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Thread Home opening was a grand success Friday night. Two of my bffs, all in our Thread dresses: Sandy (Thread owner), me (Thread shop’aholic/designer), Tanya (Thread shop’aholic #2) Made By Rachel cuffs and earrings display case: I really really want it to stop raining…
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at last…

A few pictures from the finished collection: The entire collection (30+ cuffs and some earrings) can be seen in the portfolio section of my website some time this weekend. Otherwise, head to Thread to see everything! I am taking custom orders, so if you see something you like on my website or at Thread that [...]
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pile’o leather

Spent the morning hammering in snaps for 28 cuffs. I ended up doing it on the front porch because I needed a surface I could pound on really hard without ruining any floors, but the heat was killer even though I was in the shade. Feeling so close to done with the first set. If [...]
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inching along

Today is one of those days where you know it’s going to be 85 and sunny all day and you can’t decide if it’s a day to stay out of the sun and do work, or give in and soak it up. I’m going to aim for a little of both and see where it [...]
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Interview in The Curator

I was interviewed by writer Lindsay Crandall for the online magazine The Curator. Scope it out here! In other news, hope to see you there!
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jay tools

My friend Jay brought me a box of leather and leather-tools the other day and asked me if I could use any of it. After our trip, I finally got a chance to paw through it all. Along with a small mound of leather and snaps of assorted colors, there were various hole punches and [...]
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tools and more tools

I’ve been spending the last two days with a lot of down time: walks alone, runs at the gym alone, laying on the beach with my books alone…I’m trying to balance myself back out by spending half my day on my own and the other half with C and some really great friends that I’ve [...]
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