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moonlight for violet

*a tiny gift for my bestie’s birthday: *earrings: moonlight for violet. via charlie boutique: queen street west, toronto. (i want everything in this shop.) *neon hair elastics: Mokuba Toronto
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file under “yes: i spent $18 on straws”

words can not express how giddy i am about when these beauties are gonna arrive at my doorstep. i love drinking smoothies from straws, but i hate hate hate buying them and throwing them out. because i eat a paleo diet, i make a lot of smoothies, especially this one. i love to drink them [...]
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color crush overload

pink/red/orange: neon accent: fall scarves worth loving. via oh joy.
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100 is too hot

it’s going to be 100 degreed today and although i love summer, i hate 100 degrees. so while you’re all trying to survive it by cranking up the air conditioning, here as some fall things i’m loving online lately. (just to be clear: i don’t want fall to come yet, but i do look forward [...]
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lip-stick me

my friend S has been rocking a glamourous cherry red lipstick lately and got me thinking about lip color. the closest i come to lipstick is Burts Bees super glossy lip shine, which i love because it’s creamy, shiny, and completely edible. (key for me, because I bite my lips a lot.) because i have [...]
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3 of my favorite things

1. my rochester subway token necklace: the one gift i asked for for my bday yesterday 2. my favorite sake, which C strongly dislikes, so i got to drink the whole bottle 3. C, who took the day off yesterday so he could spend the day with the birthday girl. love them baby blues
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loving these shrugs by pookaqueen. see more and her amazing collection of hats in her shop.
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art i’m lovin’

The Seed Cathredral, which shows off thousands and thousands of seeds collected by the Royal Botanical Gardens that are attached to transparent glowing acrylic rods that moved with the breeze: This amazing (and funny) optical illusion made by Erik Johansson: 3D rug art made from more than a million threads hung from the ceiling. wow: [...]
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i’m not sure why i love you

but i do.
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Sunday, Peppermint Apparel had its first trunk show at Thread. I did my best to take a lot of pictures, but the lighting was super dim, so very few of them are worth sharing. I did convince the lovely Courtney and Carla to step outside and model some Peppermint dresses: Peppermint Apparel is a clothing [...]
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