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scissors for the scissor wall

*my friend meredith gave me a gift card to Brook Farm General Store for my birthday. *had to get these scissors for the someday-soon scissor wall.  
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studio update(s)

been slowly pulling together more of the studio and wanted to share some new things! i arrived home from my 2-week trip and whitwhit had painted my work table black. (love that girl for surprising me with that one!) before i left, she helped me start hanging up some things on the wall: i’ve officially [...]
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ugh. it’s come to this: i can’t stay on top of things anymore because we live in 3 rooms (until the house is completely renovated), i have no filing system for school or for other things most people file but that i just stack in piles and pretend will magically disappear if i ignore them [...]
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color change

i’ve been thinking about changing the accent color in my studio. i was always a little hesitant about orange, but i bought this anthro rug and loved it. then i bought this vintage orange light, and loved it. i like orange. my orange tabby is my favorite. but it feels a bit jarring. i might [...]
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adventures in house renovation: 2010/2011

over the holidays, we had a lot of family and friends ask us how the house renovations are going. a few even said they stopped checking our oh the state we’re in blog because we hadn’t posted in months. (heads-up: that blog is being ignored and all house renovation postings will take place here until there’s [...]
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school science

i have a serious obsession with industrial style work chairs, despite not owning one. paper n stitch had some great photos of some today that are lovely, lovely, lovely. my full-time life as a ph.d. student means i get to research some amazing middle and high city school girls doing science. while observing in a [...]
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nooks & sewn snail mail

I never thought I would love a room as much as I love my studio. It’s only half complete, with very bare walls and empty spaces, but it has become my haven during the house renovations. Most importantly, it’s a space that inspires me to work creatively and academically, which has been all but impossible [...]
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fall things

it’s definitely fall in western NY: it’s overcast and breezy, my back yard is already full of orange leaves, i wore an army green fall jacket with a scarf on my walk to the shuttle this morning (and back home), and campus is full of freshman determined to eek out the last of the summer [...]
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color study orange: thumbs up, thumbs down

Just got the May Anthro catalog. I don’t LOVE anything, which is slightly disappointing. Not that I buy much at Anthro anyway, but I always enjoy looking at their catalogs for inspiration. My only thumbs-up are these two tanks, neither of which I would wear in orange or turquoise: They do come in white, but [...]
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Been trying to find an adjustable stool that I could use at my yet-to-be-built studio table: something with a back and isn’t ridiculously expensive. Being 5’9″, I’ve always wanted things to be just a wee bit taller (kitchen counters, sinks, desks, tables) so I can stand without getting back and neck pain while working. C [...]
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