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why didn’t i think of this?

love this idea. genuis. i’m going to make one for mr. mustard this weekend with the last left over drawer from the kitchen renovation. image: pillarboxpost
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let’s get shabby

lost LOTS of writing time yesterday attempting to rid myself of the migraine, which thankfully eased up this morning. i’m currently trying to talk myself out of looking at fashion/creative blogs and into writing. so, in the hopes of getting back on track, i’m avoiding the usual writing-break inspiration post today and sticking with house [...]
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focus on the positive

wednesday morning i’m having an upper endoscopy. read what that is here. truth is, i’ve been avoiding medical tests like this for 18 months. although i’m very very very sick of being poked and prodded and drugged over the last 6 months (kidney stone surgery, bike accident, etc), i think i’m ready to find out [...]
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pretty grey walls on a sunny day

Stayed away from the laptop for a few days because typing hasn’t been helping the healing process. I am out of the slings for the most part, unless it’s the end of the day and I am out and about and need the extra support. At this point in the healing process, it feels like [...]
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elbow wish list

my goal this week is to focus less on my increasing elbow pain & more on things i can do while i heal. C suffered through 2 major melt-downs with me this weekend, & i’d really like to avoid another one. C’s been a champ. i, however, am struggling to ask for the help i [...]
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Been trying to find an adjustable stool that I could use at my yet-to-be-built studio table: something with a back and isn’t ridiculously expensive. Being 5’9″, I’ve always wanted things to be just a wee bit taller (kitchen counters, sinks, desks, tables) so I can stand without getting back and neck pain while working. C [...]
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new and news

I’ve been working on some new cuffs: attempting to try something different and incorporate vintage and recycled buttons.  I wore this one this morning for an interview about madebyrachel with Channel 8′s Katrina Irwin for her weekly news segment “Go Green.” You can see my interview this Thursday (Christmas Eve!) at 6 p.m. on channel [...]
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The Greenists

My friend Allie and I were interviewed for Rochester’s Channel 8 Go Green segment on Thursday. Allie started the environmental blog, The Greentist, and invited me to write posts on eco-friendly fashion. Here’s the link. Last I checked, the video wasn’t loading any more…not sure why. Still fun though!
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inching along

Today is one of those days where you know it’s going to be 85 and sunny all day and you can’t decide if it’s a day to stay out of the sun and do work, or give in and soak it up. I’m going to aim for a little of both and see where it [...]
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people who do this professionally are nuts

Taking a break from the leather collection (yes, I finally started it!) to work on refinishing this tub for Sandy for a display in Thread Home. My friend gave Sandy the tub and we had it delivered to my back yard yesterday: it had been sitting outside for a very very long time. Sandy and [...]
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