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things i’m loving (right now)

*this knitting project i just started: *reading this book this top (found via studded hearts via tfs): a search is on for a pattern in a similar style…
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right now

it’s raining right now, but i’m looking forward to doing this all summer in between course work, research assistant work, and dissertation proposal writing: latest reading list: *best academic read this spring and basis for my proposal. *finished on new orleans trip. *current non-academic read. *up next? taking suggestions.
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book love

Went book shopping with my brother today and fell in love with the Penguin Classics hardcovers. Two of my favorites: View them all here.
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right now

i’m loving this dress: reading this book: laughing at these missed connections paintings:
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(don’t?) read it

I’m taking a reading break to bring you reviews of reading materials. I wasn’t able to complete my stack of summer reading before school work hit in late August and my guess is that I won’t be returning to it until some time during the holidays. But I thought I would give you a short [...]
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wilting wednesday

I’m not one to complain about the heat, but seriously: this is ridiculous. I’ve done close to nothing for three days. I finally broke down and bought this kiddie pool and set it up at the end of our driveway behind our palettes of grey stone so that I can lounge in it in my [...]
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i keep asking C: “if it hurts, does that mean it’s healing?” moving slowly here. i’m getting better at typing w three fingers and C is getting better at brushing my teeth. i’ve never felt so useless. i’m learning that doing a little hurts a lot later, and that ice packs are my  new best [...]
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pleasure and procrastination

It’s been in the mid-80s all week, and I’m one of the few who LUV this weather; however, because Rochester isn’t known for sun, I feel a tremendous obligation to be outside for every second of it. This means that very little is getting done around here other than biking, drinking iced almond milk chai, [...]
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spring reading

Finished reading Eat, Memory the other night. The book is a collection of essays from the New York Times, organized under five sections: Illusions, Discoveries, Struggles, Loss, and Coming Home. Every essay deals with some aspect of food or eating with very little sentimentality. I was struck by the range of feelings and memories that [...]
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