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i got some feather extensions. for the record, i would like to say a few things about them: 1. i was not inspired to get them by watching steven tyler on american idol. in fact, i’ve only seen the show once this season and i don’t remember there being feathers. i was inspired by fashion [...]
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two odd anthropologie-related things happened today: 1. i walked right into a woman wearing the exact same, hard to find, miss albright clogs as i was wearing. we were both surprised because we had never before seen anyone else wearing them and they are not easy to find. i found them at my local anthro [...]
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madebyrachel is now on twitter. this means very little, since i’ve been on twitter  for a few weeks and maybe tweeted a total of 6 times. still, it entertains me when i’m bored and waiting for the bus to come. feel free to follow my tweets and keep expectations low. image Tweet
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friday funnies

my week, summed up by someecards
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weekend loves

things i loved from the weekend: opi “ski teal you drop” and “suzi skis in the pyrenees”: this yarn bought to knit this cowl: this wine:
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our wedding, 6 & 1/2 years ago

there’s lots of chatter about anthropologie’s new venture: weddings. you can see some sneak peak pictures here. made me realize that i haven’t looked at our wedding photos in years, nor have we ever had any of them printed or put into an album. i’m also pretty sure i’ve never posted any pictures here or [...]
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cabin fever

i’m feeling a wee bit overwhelmed: i dove back into school after lots of time off (more than 2 months) and i can’t adjust to it. sorta like the first week back at school after a summer break of sleeping in until 10:30 a.m. everyday and suddenly 6 a.m. feels like it slapped you in [...]
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does it get any sweeter?

my little sister Sarah (the amazing all things gluten, dairy, soy-free cook and baker) is having her first baby any day, hour, minute now. i’m dying of anticipation. i refuse to put my phone on vibrate and check it a million times a day, just incase i miss a call or text that she’s in [...]
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dear C

Last year, I wrote a letter to 2009, which was really only the beginning of the health issues I would face in 2010. Who knew that weeks later, I would have kidney stone surgery, a massive bike accident in June, and 8 weeks of chronic stomach pain this winter. I’ve thought a lot about the [...]
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i can’t take it!!

i don’t know where i saw this picture last night, but it was on a blog i read all the time…comment if you know. this is what mr. mustard looked like when i found him at the pound. i can’t take it. i want to go down to the city pound today and rescue all [...]
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