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make do and re-make

i’ve been trying to narrow down my wardrobe and get rid of things i rarely wear, even if i still like them. i haven’t even bothered to go through the bin of summer clothes in the pit yet, not because i don’t want to, but because the pit is now the entire length of the [...]
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studio update(s)

been slowly pulling together more of the studio and wanted to share some new things! i arrived home from my 2-week trip and whitwhit had painted my work table black. (love that girl for surprising me with that one!) before i left, she helped me start hanging up some things on the wall: i’ve officially [...]
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ugh. it’s come to this: i can’t stay on top of things anymore because we live in 3 rooms (until the house is completely renovated), i have no filing system for school or for other things most people file but that i just stack in piles and pretend will magically disappear if i ignore them [...]
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owl tree

was at a holiday party at whitney’s place and i loved her tree so much, i had to share. she covered it with white spray paint, so it looks like it was just dusted with fresh snow, giving it a soft glow. favorite elements: wax paper garlands… bulbs filled with pussy willows… and flurry white [...]
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heatin’ up my heart

it’s been almost 3 weeks of chronic stomach pain and my friends have been getting used to seeing me carrying around my electric heating pad: given my current health situation, i haven’t left my house much but when i do, i carry it with me because i know at some moment, as long as there’s [...]
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all things that shimmer

i’ve grown a new addiction to all things that shimmer. gold is my new black.  i can’t get enough of it. my studio table is spread with bits and pieces of projects i’m working on for the holidays, all for our house. we’ll have a full tree this year for the first time since we moved [...]
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nooks & sewn snail mail

I never thought I would love a room as much as I love my studio. It’s only half complete, with very bare walls and empty spaces, but it has become my haven during the house renovations. Most importantly, it’s a space that inspires me to work creatively and academically, which has been all but impossible [...]
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dusty & non-dusty projects

I have a new category tag: “projects with whit.” My friend Whit has grown accustomed to helping me make over every section of the house that’s functioning. She should have a degree titled Ph.D. in Organization and Aesthetics. Our latest joint venture included  figuring out how I am going to store all of my jewelry. [...]
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