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dear C

Last year, I wrote a letter to 2009, which was really only the beginning of the health issues I would face in 2010. Who knew that weeks later, I would have kidney stone surgery, a massive bike accident in June, and 8 weeks of chronic stomach pain this winter. I’ve thought a lot about the [...]
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distraction links

i’m in the process of writing two grants applications, due a-sap. things distracting me: bike + shelf + books = brilliant idea it’s not the first time, but i’m pretty much wearing this exact outfit today this bag is calling to me
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school science

i have a serious obsession with industrial style work chairs, despite not owning one. paper n stitch had some great photos of some today that are lovely, lovely, lovely. my full-time life as a ph.d. student means i get to research some amazing middle and high city school girls doing science. while observing in a [...]
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rainy day distractions

It’s raining again today. All day. And tomorrow. And Thursday. I usually don’t mind the rain, but I’m finding it hard to concentrate on the second comprehensive exam I need to start writing. I think the damp chill in the house is contributing to my restlessness: C is working on getting the downstairs ready to [...]
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what i do

I’m very excited about this presentation! I’m presenting at the University of Rochester’s Susan B. Anthony Institute with my advisor, MJ Curry. I gave this presentation solo in March at a conference in Atlanta, but I’m looking forward to co-presenting with one of my favorite mentors. Wish us luck: was told they are turning people [...]
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fall things

it’s definitely fall in western NY: it’s overcast and breezy, my back yard is already full of orange leaves, i wore an army green fall jacket with a scarf on my walk to the shuttle this morning (and back home), and campus is full of freshman determined to eek out the last of the summer [...]
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13 hours and still goin’

it’s sunday night and i’ve been reading and writing for exactly…13 hours. although i’m terribly sick of staring at my computer screens, i’m still not sick of the research or the writing, which can only mean one thing: i’m supposed to be doing exactly what i’m doing, which is being a ph.d. student. i think [...]
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friday writing break inspirations

i’m not ashamed to say that i some times buy wine based on the label. that’s how i fell in love with cupcake vineyards cabernet sauvignon. it’s my late-night-still-up-at-1a.m.-writing wine of choice. links to fun things: i did this to one of C’s white button-up shirts last weekend. it fits much better. this blog combines [...]
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tuesday writing break inspirations

i’m on a roll. bring on my september 1st deadline because this two-hour/take a break, two-hour/take a break daily writing schedule is rocking my world right now. it could also be that i have a migraine and i just took two excedrin and i’m out of my mind hyper, but i’ll take it either way. [...]
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monday writing break inspirations

I’m on a strict writing schedule for the next 5 days in order to meet my personal September 1st deadline: I want to hand in comprehensive exam #1 next Wednesday come hell or high water. The schedule goes something like this: blog, write, tea, write, workout, write, take a creative break, write, more tea, write, [...]
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