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pulling in 2 directions

*Anyone who has read this blog for a few years knows two things: 1. I’m constantly trying to balance my creative life and my academic life. 2. My academic life is usually winning. It used to be that when I was “doing school” I was constantly day-dreaming about all the creative things I wanted to [...]
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studio update(s)

been slowly pulling together more of the studio and wanted to share some new things! i arrived home from my 2-week trip and whitwhit had painted my work table black. (love that girl for surprising me with that one!) before i left, she helped me start hanging up some things on the wall: i’ve officially [...]
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playing catch-up

i realized this weekend i haven’t posted anything here in 2 weeks! i was in my own world in florida and new orleans–so much so that i actually missed one of my flights. (the story is too embarrassing to share.) the trip was exactly what  i needed: the perfect balance of conference presentation time with [...]
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i’m ready

i leave for a two week trip on sunday: fly to orlando to present at a conference, then to new orleans for another presentation/conference, then back to florida for a few days with C in the sun. i can’t wait to get out of here. while i’m super excited to present my research on gender and [...]
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writing break: take 10

funny how fast time flies when you’re glued to your keyboard and closing in on a deadline. 4 days and counting. i hope to be in final edits by sunday. fingers and toes crossed. things i’m currently loving, in order: best: this top. better: these shoes better yet: these shoes best of all: my 3 [...]
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life right now

life right now involves lots of typing and lots of dust. i’m determined to meet my sunday/April 3 deadline for my second comp exam and have been writing up to 6-7 hours a day. i’ve given up cooking and i’m living on rice krispies with almond milk, carrots, hummus, and almonds. i can’t seem to bring [...]
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ugh. it’s come to this: i can’t stay on top of things anymore because we live in 3 rooms (until the house is completely renovated), i have no filing system for school or for other things most people file but that i just stack in piles and pretend will magically disappear if i ignore them [...]
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friday funnies

my week, summed up by someecards
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there are worse things

than being addicted to nail polish and boots. worse things like spilling a glass of wine on your laptop keyboard and realizing that you haven’t backed up a single page of your Ph.D. comprehensive exams in 6 months and having a minor (major) meltdown while your husband attempts to assure you that not all is [...]
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new start

I always feel a wee-bit sad when I take down all the holiday decorations. But then I start cleaning and reorganizing like mad, and I’m happy to have a clean slate. I just finished clearing off my studio work-table which was covered with holiday gift wrapping supplies, knitting projects, and presents that still don’t have [...]
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