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fall folds

i bought the 758 page september issue of Vogue while on vacation to see what sorts of fall inspiration i could drum up. usually, i just rip out what i like and pass on or recycle the rest of it: kinda wasteful which is why i rarely buy magazines. the first image i ripped out [...]
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art i’m lovin’

The Seed Cathredral, which shows off thousands and thousands of seeds collected by the Royal Botanical Gardens that are attached to transparent glowing acrylic rods that moved with the breeze: This amazing (and funny) optical illusion made by Erik Johansson: 3D rug art made from more than a million threads hung from the ceiling. wow: [...]
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best new mommy

the award for best new mom goes to my sister, sarah. not sure who i love more: her or baby C! both equally, i think. xo
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pretty closet

i’m really taken with the idea of wall papering a closet like this: only problem is, i don’t have a closet that’s empty enough that you would ever see the wallpaper. motivation for cleaning out? i think so. via this is glamorous
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needing color

not sure if it’s just my desperate need for color and spring, but i can’t get enough of the reds and corals in Matthew Williamson’s fall collection: also, rekindled my recent love for the feather skirt. want. all images
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things i’m loving

this color story this soup (i’ve made it twice in 10 days) this foxy surprise these pretty castles i think a trip is in order to visit this one: it’s only 3 hours away… image via ohhellofriend
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strong arms

lately, i’ve been trying new wines based on the labels. this is one of my new favorites, a south australian shiraz Strong Arms: (you’ll all be happy to know that despite the fact that i’m drinking a glass of wine while typing at my computer, my laptop is  at least 4 feet away from the [...]
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the longer the better

i haven’t worn a long skirt in years, but i’m loving these two looks.   (credits: facehunter, thesatorialist)
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newspaper dresses

spotted these amazing newspaper dresses in the display window at anthropologie yesterday. i’m a sucker for this stuff. tempted to go back and ask the manager if i can have them when they are no longer needed. i love the forms, the layers, the stitched details. i could spend my days making something like this [...]
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birds of a feather

spotted this feather skirt at an art opening friday night and decided i had to meet the gal who was wearing it. turns out she’s a ph.d. student at eastman and we haunt the same coffee shop. (i knew i recognized her.)  we had a lovely conversation about ethnographic research and how to pull off [...]
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