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bloom 3

[favorite pieces from bloom magazine]
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bloom 2

  [favorite pieces from bloom magazine]
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[some of my favorite pieces from bloom]
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letter to a girl who died too young

Dear Chopstix, I remember you as the thin girl with dreads past your tiny waist, black tattoos running the length of your arms and hands, piercings around your lips and nose. Back then, you tended bar with an air of hostility and annoyance–your body like a cat, sauntering back and forth behind the counter, lean [...]
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this christmas, my parents gave me the most special gift i have ever received: my great-great-great-grandmother L. Liconia’s scissors. my father thinks the scissors our oldest family heirloom, going back six generations to the mid-1800′s. they were passed down my great-great and great grandmothers, all women who lived in the adirondacks. my father described them [...]
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naughty time-suck

o pinterest, you naughty time-suck. i had no idea what i was in for joining pinterest and now i can’t drag myself away. it’s all just so pretty. i can create inspiration boards about the favorite things i talk about on my blog, only all in one place. like my boot addiction: my neon crush: [...]
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cozy fall

i’m currently working in my studio in a sweatshirt & yoga pants, an unwashed face and a dirty ponytail and it’s 1 p.m. working from home means not showering some days till 4 p.m. the last day of october’s fashion inspiration: thefashionspot via because i’m addicted. also, love this fall color combo.
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tops i want to be knitting

finding so many chunky textured knit tops i wish i had time to knit for myself right now. this week’s favorites: top three via studded hearts via tsf & fashionsource. (yenny is on a roll with amazing knit finds lately.) *i want to figure out this stitch so i can knit something with the same [...]
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soft and amazing

i love me a good look book and Rodarte did not let me down: (found via miss moss via opening ceremony)
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it’s almost fall and knitting is seriously on my radar. i like this top (dress?) because it’s so deconstructed and because it looks like she’s wearing an armor of knit yarn on her chest. (photo from ellecanada via because i’m addicted via shiny squirrel)
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