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pretty prisms

just ordered this 2013 prism calendar by designer julia kostreva: The prism drawings are printed in gold foil and the calendar is hand-printed on an antique letterpress. I can’t wait to put it up in the studio. I need some pretty new things for my walls to celebrate the new year. check out more of julia’s [...]
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i’m going to spend $12 on this.

i saw this printable coloring book on wanelo yesterday and decided that yes, i will spend $12 on a coloring book that is this awesome. i have a thing for coloring small intricate shapes. i used to have a stash of coloring books i’d bust out when i don’t know what else to do with [...]
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loving these shrugs by pookaqueen. see more and her amazing collection of hats in her shop.
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tiny triangles

i have exactly 5 ear piercings and almost no studs. i’m lovin’ these little triangles from jibby and juna.
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come spring

i think i read the (now out of print) book Come Spring by Ben Ames Williams some time in the summer between 8th and 9th grade, when i was bored and pulling random books off my father’s many book shelves. i don’t remember what it’s about it. but whenever March comes around, all i can [...]
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fringe me

diggin this maximum fringe necklace by norwegian wood image
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tiny head mounts

love it. i can imagine a little row of these on a nursery wall. by planet fur. found via black*eiffel
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show time baby

pretty print collage by peggy wolf
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it’s 18 degrees out

i wish i was wearing this cozy top instead of my 18 layers:
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texture love

been wanting to sew some tops and dresses with lots of texture to them. loving these: daphne lexm
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