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adventures in house renovation: 2010/2011

over the holidays, we had a lot of family and friends ask us how the house renovations are going. a few even said they stopped checking our oh the state we’re in blog because we hadn’t posted in months. (heads-up: that blog is being ignored and all house renovation postings will take place here until there’s [...]
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dear C

Last year, I wrote a letter to 2009, which was really only the beginning of the health issues I would face in 2010. Who knew that weeks later, I would have kidney stone surgery, a massive bike accident in June, and 8 weeks of chronic stomach pain this winter. I’ve thought a lot about the [...]
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leather makes it better

i’m loving this idea for our bathroom selves, found via the city sage: it would be a great additional accent to the leather drawer pulls i made and very easy to make. i think i have a new project in store for the weekend!
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fun with steel beams

the beams are goin’ in…meaning that soon the house will have an entirely new support structure and we can open up the floor plan on the first floor. yes, it’s as scary as it looks: i came down stairs to take pictures and realized C was literally cranking up a massive steel beam, and the [...]
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why? because i’m insane. that’s why.

i need to create a sub category under house renovations and call it: all things ridiculous. because that is what i am right now. i’m ridiculous. before i tell you why, i’ll attempt to justify myself with a brief explaination: the house is full of dust. every other day, C and the contractors stomp around [...]
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seamless sink

We have a “kitchen” sink. We found it at our local house rehab store yesterday and C had it cleaned and installed in less than two hours. My man is magic. It’s not a perfect fit, but it’s pretty darn close. C spent a few days searching around the city for some kind of counter [...]
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leather drawer pulls

Two weekends ago, I finally made the leather drawer pulls for the bathroom dresser. After making a hundred leather cuffs, you would think it would occur to me to make the handles shorter because leather stretches. We’ve been pulling on these things for 11 days and they are very stretched out already. I still like [...]
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why didn’t i think of this?

love this idea. genuis. i’m going to make one for mr. mustard this weekend with the last left over drawer from the kitchen renovation. image: pillarboxpost
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make-shift kitchen

I keep getting asked where we do our cooking, now that the kitchen/pit is in official reconstruction mode. I moved everything I thought we would need to make it through the winter into the laundry room upstairs. So far, so good. We are on day 9 of cooking in our laundry room. Here are my [...]
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the pit

We have a large pit in our house. C decided to take all the flooring out in the old kitchen and bathroom. Now the view goes straight down into the cellar, which is too old and damp and gross to call a basement. The brick and stone are lovely, though… If, for any crazy reason, [...]
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