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handmade table

i can’t believe it’s been 3 months since i posted anything about the house renovations! nutty. here’s the brief update: *we moved everything from the basement into the storage unit. *C installed subfloor through the entire downstairs, so we can now walk through the entire house. he is currently building out part of the living [...]
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the goal.

the goal is to put everything that is currently in the garage and in the basement into this storage unit: everything includes: the 20 or so bins of winter clothes, boots & jackets, books, kitchen stuff that doesn’t fit in the current apartment kitchen, holiday decorations, vintage fabrics, all of C’s tools, house renovation equipment, [...]
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soaking pool

as promised, pictures of the patio and soaking pool for my birthday, i asked C if we could start landscaping. we decided on lots of tall grasses to soften the boulder edges. still needs a few more plants and some mulch. grass to come soon…we hope. C is installing a filtration system to keep the [...]
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house renovation updates: patio!

we have SO much going on with our house renovations, i can’t keep up on pictures! super exciting. less is actually happening in the house, but outside, things are finally taking shape. i’m still trying to edit all the pictures, so they’ll come in batches this week. first up: the patio is almost there! we [...]
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life right now

life right now involves lots of typing and lots of dust. i’m determined to meet my sunday/April 3 deadline for my second comp exam and have been writing up to 6-7 hours a day. i’ve given up cooking and i’m living on rice krispies with almond milk, carrots, hummus, and almonds. i can’t seem to bring [...]
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renovation update

it’s been a bit since my last post on our house renovations, so here are some pictures of C’s latest adventures: C installed the radiant heat in the back half of the downstairs and laid down a temporary floor. This (above) is the view from the front corner of the house, which was our bedroom [...]
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pretty closet

i’m really taken with the idea of wall papering a closet like this: only problem is, i don’t have a closet that’s empty enough that you would ever see the wallpaper. motivation for cleaning out? i think so. via this is glamorous
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adventures in house renovation: floor joists

edit: C just told me these are called *joists* not beams. this is why he does the renovating and i do the looking on. installed by C. admired by me.
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jane sofa

after 9 months without a couch, we finally bit the bullet and ordered one. the Gus* Modern Jane sofa will be arriving mid-March and C and I will finally be able to sit next together some where in the house other than on the bed or floor. color: urban tweed yippe!
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diy: yes or no…

we really need a mat to step on to when we get out of our shower, but it’s a tricky space: the shower door is directly in front of the toilet. this means we need something very durable and able to with-stand some washings. i really like green at heart‘s work, especially the pattern weave [...]
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