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aaaaaaaaaand we’re back: adventures in house renovation

hello hello! i’ve missed my blog. so. much. dissertation year is seriously kicking my behind, so blogging has fallen by the wayside. till now. yay! thought i’d start with a house renovation update, since lots and lots has changed in the last 5 months. for those of you who love process and before and after shots, [...]
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Devil May Care Lingerie Look Book

Devil May Care Lingerie is out with their Deep Summer look book: shot entirely in our (half) renovated house and patio! The photos are dreamy; they make our house look incredible! It’s a bit nuts to look at the pictures and see a model hanging out in my tub and by our soaking pool. Check out the [...]
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door knobs

*i have big news: we have door knobs. *we’ve been living upstairs for 2 years without door knobs on our bedroom and bathroom doors. *we also have 2 cats. *the 2 cats love to push open door-knob-less doors at 2  of the most annoying times: 1. when i’m sleeping and C is in the room [...]
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adventures in house renovations: stair treads!

*our stair treads have officially arrived! *up next: finishing and installation *giddy!
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let there be light: adventures in house renovation

*had some requests for some house renovation updates and realized i haven’t posted much of anything since spring. so much news! the downstairs is no longer a pit i’m scared to fall into, there are actual walls where there should be, and we have lots of new windows. here’s the downstairs scoop: *we have dry wall! [...]
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trying to slow down. failing. having fun anyway.

i’m not really trying to slow down. i’m actually working more than ever right now academically and creatively–but i’m trying to do it with more purpose. put in more pauses for reflection. i want the work to be good. really good. better than really good. on top of doing amazing research, writing, and painting, fun [...]
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*molding: designed/built by C *curtain: fabric featherland white from the  night owl collection (via spoonflower), sewn by yours truly *kitty: mr mustard, handsomest orange tabby in the hood  
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downstairs: the state of things

haven’t posted on the house in a while. actually, haven’t posted on anything in awhile… here’s the state of things downstairs: *the stairs are still without their treads and most visitors consider them a death-trap. in the last month, i’ve had a total of 3 people who were unwilling to come upstairs because they were [...]
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recycled shelving

c and i installed shelving in the bathroom yesterday. made from recycled milk-painted pine and leather straps:  
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adventures in house renovation: soaking

i’ve waited 5 years for this moment: now for some window treatments…
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