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when i feel down

had a CAT scan this morning. my GI dr discovered that i’m bleeding in my upper intestinal track but doesn’t know why. the digestive mystery continues… i have another upper endoscopy on wednesday, among other tests. i’m starting to hate hospitals. and medical centers. and dr offices. however, i’m holding on to my holiday cheer, [...]
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i do not want to be a rose, i do not wish to be pale pink

actually, i have nothing against pale pink, but i’ve never ever been a rose person. i knew C was the one for me when we went to a formal dinner our senior year of college and he showed up with roses for our girl friends and a giant sunflower for me. i knew right there [...]
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all things that shimmer

i’ve grown a new addiction to all things that shimmer. gold is my new black.  i can’t get enough of it. my studio table is spread with bits and pieces of projects i’m working on for the holidays, all for our house. we’ll have a full tree this year for the first time since we moved [...]
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day 7, but hopeful

i think this photo reflects where i’m at right now: kinda down, kinda happy about the sun in mid-november and the coming holidays… i’m going to just put this out there and say that i’ve been struggling with my health. not really a secret because i’ve talked about it here a few times. i’m on [...]
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