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run neon run

i guess it’s a footware-themed week. i ran in my brand-spankin’ new neon pink Brooks for the first time today. loved them. so roomy. i had to give up running in my favorite Mizunos because they were too small and were giving me black and blue toe nails and bruised feet. I almost ordered the same [...]
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life without bread and butter

i finally started the new blog and it has nothing to do with fashion, boots or nail polish. it’s all about living with celiac disease and dairy allergies. it’s focused on the chaos that comes with having to constantly double-check everything that goes in my mouth. you can read about it here. come visit.
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new enemies = new blog?

i consider myself a pretty blunt person: i’m not really shy about my life. when i went through 4 years of digestive issues, i talked about it openly. getting officially diagnosed with celiacs and dairy intolerances this winter didn’t change that. in fact, my friends keep telling me that i should start a new blog [...]
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goodbye butter, goodbye ghee

I really don’t have any intention of turning this blog into my personal food diary multiple times a month, but I just spent 4 days with my sister, brother-in-law, and baby C, and I’ve never cooked or baked so much in my life. I was determined to leave them with enough soup and baked goods [...]
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new start

I always feel a wee-bit sad when I take down all the holiday decorations. But then I start cleaning and reorganizing like mad, and I’m happy to have a clean slate. I just finished clearing off my studio work-table which was covered with holiday gift wrapping supplies, knitting projects, and presents that still don’t have [...]
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dear C

Last year, I wrote a letter to 2009, which was really only the beginning of the health issues I would face in 2010. Who knew that weeks later, I would have kidney stone surgery, a massive bike accident in June, and 8 weeks of chronic stomach pain this winter. I’ve thought a lot about the [...]
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tiny boot-ies

I haven’t been writing much on here lately. Just sharing things that sparkle and make me smile. I think things shifted for me a few weeks ago because I’ve been struggling with my health so much. Turns out that we don’t really have a diagnosis anymore. The fibroid tumors I have are too small to [...]
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finally: diagnosis

So…wasn’t sure if I was going to write about this here, but since I started to a few weeks back, I figure why not. I have a diagnosis for some/most of the pain of the last month: a CAT scan revealed that I have two fibroid tumors growing on the outside of my uterus. It’s [...]
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flower frogs and flowers

i’m a new convert to two things: weekly fresh flowers to cheer me up and flower frogs. last week, i bought C this wall vase for his birthday. he told me i liked buying him gifts that are really for me, not him. hard to disagree with that one, because even though i put it [...]
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heatin’ up my heart

it’s been almost 3 weeks of chronic stomach pain and my friends have been getting used to seeing me carrying around my electric heating pad: given my current health situation, i haven’t left my house much but when i do, i carry it with me because i know at some moment, as long as there’s [...]
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