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new start

I always feel a wee-bit sad when I take down all the holiday decorations. But then I start cleaning and reorganizing like mad, and I’m happy to have a clean slate. I just finished clearing off my studio work-table which was covered with holiday gift wrapping supplies, knitting projects, and presents that still don’t have [...]
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pumpkin is my new squash

i’m on a quest for some new recipes that i can make, share, and actually eat this Thanksgiving. it’s getting easier, but watching everyone else enjoy the stuffing and gravy makes me want some goodies of my own. i’m a big fan of roasted butternut squash soup with rosemary, but i’ve made that three years [...]
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detox this: kale, carrot salad, and pumpkin woopie pies

I’m on day 7 of a 4-week (minimum) detox for my digestive issues. I’m glad it’s fall, because my diet consists of fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, tea, and massive amounts of fresh, local veggies. The only difficult part for the first few days has been the absence of wine. I’m an avid red wine drinker [...]
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rainy day distractions

It’s raining again today. All day. And tomorrow. And Thursday. I usually don’t mind the rain, but I’m finding it hard to concentrate on the second comprehensive exam I need to start writing. I think the damp chill in the house is contributing to my restlessness: C is working on getting the downstairs ready to [...]
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have a yummy weekend

i can’t stop eating Tribe Horseradish hummus. i’ve eaten it every day for 2 full weeks. currently there are 4 containers of it in my fridge. so far, my favorite dipper is fresh carrots from the farmer’s market. i’m waiting to wake up with orange hands and feet. i’m on week 2 of eating according to [...]
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focus on the positive

wednesday morning i’m having an upper endoscopy. read what that is here. truth is, i’ve been avoiding medical tests like this for 18 months. although i’m very very very sick of being poked and prodded and drugged over the last 6 months (kidney stone surgery, bike accident, etc), i think i’m ready to find out [...]
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spring reading

Finished reading Eat, Memory the other night. The book is a collection of essays from the New York Times, organized under five sections: Illusions, Discoveries, Struggles, Loss, and Coming Home. Every essay deals with some aspect of food or eating with very little sentimentality. I was struck by the range of feelings and memories that [...]
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eating animals

Pre-ordered Eating Animals two weeks ago and read the entire book in three days. I’ve been struggling to come to terms with eating meat for years now, and wanted to go back to being vegetarian, but after being diagnosed with digestive issues this year, I was advised to keep up with the chicken and fish as [...]
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