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recycled shelving

c and i installed shelving in the bathroom yesterday. made from recycled milk-painted pine and leather straps:  
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dyi woven top

C sent me this image the other week and i fell in love: so much so that i decided to give it a go myself. here’s my take: if you want to try it yourself, here’s how i did it. *find yourself an worn-in top. i went with a grey sweatshirt i bought at the [...]
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make do and re-make

i’ve been trying to narrow down my wardrobe and get rid of things i rarely wear, even if i still like them. i haven’t even bothered to go through the bin of summer clothes in the pit yet, not because i don’t want to, but because the pit is now the entire length of the [...]
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leather accent

i really like the leather shoulder accents on these tops. they add a little something different. an easy way to alter clothing you already have. (by My Pet Square via need supply) (unknown source: found in my inspiration file.)
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studio update(s)

been slowly pulling together more of the studio and wanted to share some new things! i arrived home from my 2-week trip and whitwhit had painted my work table black. (love that girl for surprising me with that one!) before i left, she helped me start hanging up some things on the wall: i’ve officially [...]
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pretty closet

i’m really taken with the idea of wall papering a closet like this: only problem is, i don’t have a closet that’s empty enough that you would ever see the wallpaper. motivation for cleaning out? i think so. via this is glamorous
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little love bunting

a little hand-made love bunting: for my little nephew C. inspired by this.
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diy: yes or no…

we really need a mat to step on to when we get out of our shower, but it’s a tricky space: the shower door is directly in front of the toilet. this means we need something very durable and able to with-stand some washings. i really like green at heart‘s work, especially the pattern weave [...]
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