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color change

i’ve been thinking about changing the accent color in my studio. i was always a little hesitant about orange, but i bought this anthro rug and loved it. then i bought this vintage orange light, and loved it. i like orange. my orange tabby is my favorite. but it feels a bit jarring. i might [...]
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crate cat

kittys got a new bed
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cabin fever

i’m feeling a wee bit overwhelmed: i dove back into school after lots of time off (more than 2 months) and i can’t adjust to it. sorta like the first week back at school after a summer break of sleeping in until 10:30 a.m. everyday and suddenly 6 a.m. feels like it slapped you in [...]
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i can’t take it!!

i don’t know where i saw this picture last night, but it was on a blog i read all the time…comment if you know. this is what mr. mustard looked like when i found him at the pound. i can’t take it. i want to go down to the city pound today and rescue all [...]
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I got tired of trying to guess what drawer of the 60 would contain what I was looking for, so I started labeling this morning… My glue-gun adventure was short-lived, so I gave up on it. But not before Mustard chewed up an entire glue stick while I wasn’t looking. Good times.
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jars with lids are our friends

Potted plants don’t work out much in our house: (“Who…me?”) I’ve started collecting jars with lids from GoodWill and making terrariums that Mustard can’t dig through. So far, I’ve made 5. Four for our house and a big one for a friend’s birthday. I especially love the big one because of the one cactus that [...]
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This is what happens when…

you’re in denial that you have a cat that will do anything to find yarn, drag it into the middle of the living room, and dance in it gleefully for minutes before you discover him: Worth salvaging? Prolly not.
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