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trying to slow down. failing. having fun anyway.

i’m not really trying to slow down. i’m actually working more than ever right now academically and creatively–but i’m trying to do it with more purpose. put in more pauses for reflection. i want the work to be good. really good. better than really good. on top of doing amazing research, writing, and painting, fun [...]
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moto jacket

i really want a leather motorcycle jacket. i want to learn to ride C’s motorcycles, but my fear of my persistent clumsiness keeps me from signing up for the course. (which i would have to take. clearly.) so instead, i ride on the back of C’s bike as much as possible. in an perfect world, [...]
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run neon run

i guess it’s a footware-themed week. i ran in my brand-spankin’ new neon pink Brooks for the first time today. loved them. so roomy. i had to give up running in my favorite Mizunos because they were too small and were giving me black and blue toe nails and bruised feet. I almost ordered the same [...]
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current obsessions

*essie power clutch *new iPhone 4S w/ neon pink bumper: *fun fact: i dropped my old phone in the apple store twice while in the process of buying my new phone. no joke.
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a year ago last friday, i went over my handle bars and broke both my elbows, my teeth, etc etc blah blah blah. i’m sick of talking about the details. to commemorate what C calls “the worst day of my [his] life” i went back to the scene of the crime with one of my [...]
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there are worse things

than being addicted to nail polish and boots. worse things like spilling a glass of wine on your laptop keyboard and realizing that you haven’t backed up a single page of your Ph.D. comprehensive exams in 6 months and having a minor (major) meltdown while your husband attempts to assure you that not all is [...]
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