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pretty grey walls on a sunny day

Stayed away from the laptop for a few days because typing hasn’t been helping the healing process. I am out of the slings for the most part, unless it’s the end of the day and I am out and about and need the extra support. At this point in the healing process, it feels like [...]
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kitchen make-over

this entire bike accident experience has really shown me how lucky i am to be surrounded by so many amazing people. one of those gals is my friend whit, who has been at my house every single day since my accident. that’s two full weeks as of tonight. she’s pretty much awesome and gave me [...]
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elbow wish list

my goal this week is to focus less on my increasing elbow pain & more on things i can do while i heal. C suffered through 2 major melt-downs with me this weekend, & i’d really like to avoid another one. C’s been a champ. i, however, am struggling to ask for the help i [...]
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no pain, no gain

so, cast is off. and sadly, the pain is much much worse. trying to stay positive. typing w/ fingers is hard and wrist rotation worse. things that are keeping my spirits up: naps, ice packs, carob-covered raisins, iced almond milk chai, supportive friends, the pedicure i got 3 hours ago, & C. lots of changes [...]
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fun with wounds

moving a little more today. wondering if things will be more painful when the other cast comes off (maybe thursday?). took some pictures of my wounds during a dull moment. not gonna share the gory ones (!) but i’ve always loved Oh Joy!’s this & that so here’s my take… right arm cast, pretty tights large [...]
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i keep asking C: “if it hurts, does that mean it’s healing?” moving slowly here. i’m getting better at typing w three fingers and C is getting better at brushing my teeth. i’ve never felt so useless. i’m learning that doing a little hurts a lot later, and that ice packs are my  new best [...]
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bike accident

had a major bike accident tuesday evening. flew over my handle bars face first into pavement. after two trips to the emergency room (the second because i kept blacking out from my concussion) the damage is: two broken elbows, two chipped front teeth, a swollen and badly bruised right foot, and lots of scrapes and [...]
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pleasure and procrastination

It’s been in the mid-80s all week, and I’m one of the few who LUV this weather; however, because Rochester isn’t known for sun, I feel a tremendous obligation to be outside for every second of it. This means that very little is getting done around here other than biking, drinking iced almond milk chai, [...]
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i want a bicycle rush hour

Saw this on Cup Of Jo today and had visions of bike lanes full of bike commuters all over Rochester. I want a bicycle rush hour! Maybe we should go live in the Netherlands for a bit…
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