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wish list: golden

i’ve always been a die-hard silver person, but over the last two years, i’ve fallen in love with gold and bronze. i think it’s because it looks and feels warmer to wear golds in the winter. here are a few of my favorites currently on my list wish: 1. seamstress bracelet by Monserat De Lucca [...]
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freckled fawn

now that second storie is less than 4 weeks away (eeks! i’m not ready!), i’m thinking about how to package up the various leather cuffs and wallets and clutches i’ve been working on. i’m a firm believer that less is more, so i’m thinking simple with a hint of color. like any normal gal, i’m [...]
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i know it’s only october 28th, but i’m already thinking about the holidays and i’m not talking about halloween. i decided to skip right over halloween this year and go straight to thanksgiving. i’ve been working almost every day on my new collection that comes out in late november. i’ve already started making christmas presents [...]
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trying to slow down. failing. having fun anyway.

i’m not really trying to slow down. i’m actually working more than ever right now academically and creatively–but i’m trying to do it with more purpose. put in more pauses for reflection. i want the work to be good. really good. better than really good. on top of doing amazing research, writing, and painting, fun [...]
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hello there. why must you be out of stock? i need you.
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moto jacket

i really want a leather motorcycle jacket. i want to learn to ride C’s motorcycles, but my fear of my persistent clumsiness keeps me from signing up for the course. (which i would have to take. clearly.) so instead, i ride on the back of C’s bike as much as possible. in an perfect world, [...]
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half red

i got half the guts. half the guts to dye my hair a bright unnatural red. i went half way up. half of my friends think i should go the whole way. the other half says stay half dark. i think the half-way benefit is that i can pull it back and i look the [...]
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i’m going to spend $12 on this.

i saw this printable coloring book on wanelo yesterday and decided that yes, i will spend $12 on a coloring book that is this awesome. i have a thing for coloring small intricate shapes. i used to have a stash of coloring books i’d bust out when i don’t know what else to do with [...]
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tea dip

i really really want this tea cup. her work is lovely. see the set and teapot here.  
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wish you were neon

i wish these were made in bright neon pink instead of turquoise…
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