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*i’ve become sort of fascinated by lace but not just any ol’ lace *this is perfection *i can’t figure out who the designer is *all my searches come up with no names *i love the detail
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julian hoenig

*amazing pieces by designer julian hoenig (all images julian hoenig)
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*reason #1 i want to upgrade to an iPhone 5: Amy Sia case, found via lobster & swan
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pulling in 2 directions

*Anyone who has read this blog for a few years knows two things: 1. I’m constantly trying to balance my creative life and my academic life. 2. My academic life is usually winning. It used to be that when I was “doing school” I was constantly day-dreaming about all the creative things I wanted to [...]
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*spring always makes me want to dye my hair image  
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door knobs

*i have big news: we have door knobs. *we’ve been living upstairs for 2 years without door knobs on our bedroom and bathroom doors. *we also have 2 cats. *the 2 cats love to push open door-knob-less doors at 2  of the most annoying times: 1. when i’m sleeping and C is in the room [...]
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hints of neon

*needing some brightness in my life to get me through the rest of winter *switched up my little inspiration wall with some new summer pictures and some bright washi tape images *fudge magazine *lula magazine *hot pink sheep and neon welcome via shanna murray * mbr cards printed by moo *glass drop and antlers via arenas *washi tape: 1 &  2
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let’s get knitty: sapphire toque

  reflections on this hat: *instead of ribbon, i used a piece of suede and an antique button to create the slouch. *my one critique of this hat is the hole knit near the crown of the hat: it’s unnecessarily large and therefore obvious. i would revise the pattern so that there are fewer stitches [...]
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let’s get knitty: camel plicate

*plicate take 2 *yarn
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adventures in house renovations: stair treads!

*our stair treads have officially arrived! *up next: finishing and installation *giddy!
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