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craving spring colors

like peachy pinks images: 1, 2, 3
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color crush

i’ve developed a crush on red and navy combos   links: 1, 2, 3
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aaaaaaaaaand we’re back: adventures in house renovation

hello hello! i’ve missed my blog. so. much. dissertation year is seriously kicking my behind, so blogging has fallen by the wayside. till now. yay! thought i’d start with a house renovation update, since lots and lots has changed in the last 5 months. for those of you who love process and before and after shots, [...]
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bloom 3

[favorite pieces from bloom magazine]
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bloom 2

  [favorite pieces from bloom magazine]
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[some of my favorite pieces from bloom]
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moto fun

fun fact: i got my motorcycle license this summer. before anyone fires off a million comments about my lack of balance and history of horrible bike accident(s), i’d like to promise you all that i have no intention of riding on the streets this summer. getting my license consisted of riding around a large parking [...]
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Devil May Care Lingerie Look Book

Devil May Care Lingerie is out with their Deep Summer look book: shot entirely in our (half) renovated house and patio! The photos are dreamy; they make our house look incredible! It’s a bit nuts to look at the pictures and see a model hanging out in my tub and by our soaking pool. Check out the [...]
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lace sleeve

*if i ever got a sleeve, i would tattoo my arm with lace like this
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o jeffery campbell, always breakin’ my heart with another pair of perfect boots (also: these)
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