adventures in house renovation: 2010/2011

over the holidays, we had a lot of family and friends ask us how the house renovations are going. a few even said they stopped checking our oh the state we’re in blog because we hadn’t posted in months. (heads-up: that blog is being ignored and all house renovation postings will take place here until there’s time to get it going again. if you want to read-up on the renovation progress and view more pictures, just scope out the posts tagged house renovations. i realize there are two tags and i haven’t gotten around to fixing that yet, but right now, i’m filing everything under house renovations.)

so, i thought i’d give a little 2010 round-up and show you where we’re at right now. here goes!

we moved upstairs this summer. anything that didn’t fit in the upstairs rooms got tossed, donated, or semi-stored in the construction zone. we’re slowly settling in, which means we live up here without a couch and little furniture because our $ is being eaten alive by the construction zone downstairs (pics below). so, our rooms consist of a small, but cozy bedroom that i recently repainted grey because white floors are impossible when you have dust coming up through floor boards multiple times a week:

our bathroom is still tub-less, but the massive shower makes up for it. we up-cycled everything for our vanity. we still need shelves built, among some other things, but i’m enjoying the simplicity of where it stands right now.

the middle room is a bit bare: we’ve searched in vain for a danish modern stand for our t.v. but haven’t found one that will fit perfectly between the windows. (we’re hoping this middle room will be sort of lounge-like at some point.) C decided to try to build something instead, which is in progress. mustard has ripped most of what’s left of this recently reupholstered chair on the left to shreds, so we take turns sitting in the various herman miller chairs C pulled from a dumpster years ago. in all, it works out, but i wouldn’t call it “cozy” yet.

we did find this lovely little stand on the side of the road on christmas eve and turned it into our little music center.

the upstairs landing still does not have a railing, officially making our house the most child UNfriendly house ever. anyone who sits in the chairs with their backs to the stairs always comments that they feel they  might flip over backwards and end up at the bottom of the stairwell. we don’t allow people drinking alcoholic beverages to sit there.

for now, we have a semi-hallway/coat storage/boot storage space. C installed a skylight, so it’s nice and bright.

we also have a make-shift kitchen/laundry room. despite it’s tininess, i love it and plan on looking back at this kitchen experience as one of my fondest memories of living upstairs.

finally, my studio is still my haven and coming along slowly. i have a few things up on the walls and lots of unsorted school work stacked around, but it’s working for me right now, and i’m more than thankful for it. the sewing machines have a home, C built me a killer-size work table, and it’s perfect for both creative work and academic work.

all i’m going to say about the downstairs is that “the pit” has doubled in size and we only have a floor in the front room. (again, people with small children should invite us over for dinner rather than risk having anxiety about your child’s safety at our house. just sayin’.)

check back later for more words on “the pit” as soon as I have C clarify what’s happening down there.

i think that covers most of it. happy wednesday!

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  1. Megan
    Posted January 18, 2011 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    I found your blog on and love it! Especially the renovations postings. How very cool that you and your husband are such DIYers. I like to think that I am but after reading these posts, I’m not even close. If your house is the one I’m thinking of in the South Wedge…I’m envious. I often point it out to my husband as we’re walking down the street while the construction workers (you and your husband) hammer away inside, and say “what a great house!”

  2. Posted January 18, 2011 at 1:03 pm | Permalink

    thanks megan! i’m always happy to know i have readers in the neighborhood! you and your husband will have to take a house tour of our place soon :-)

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